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Shut up March 27, 2009

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I was digging in my computer files yesterday and among old stuff I wrote last year I found another little thing in english, it’s a poem…let’s just say that I was in a romeo&juliet time, that explains the various “dost” and “thee”. Hihi. I’m not used to show what I write so I’m still nervous and keep thinking that someone will ask “what are you doing here? the exit is that way!”. Anyway, I’m bubbling, so here it is:



Shut up

cruel heart

leave me alone

why dost thee make my soul

cry, your lead presence

makes me die

I beg you

oppressing thought

free my mind

for I suffer

I let myself suffer

I let myself feel

the hope I don’t deserve

I knew

where I was walking towards

and now

my heart’s screaming in pain

I wish I were deaf

I loath

how did I let this happen?

I knew, I knew, I knew

when I first felt

my heart sinking

I knew

I could have fought more

and more

and more

but I surrender

to such a tender thing

Tyrranous love

take thy dagger

and stop my agony

because your dark eyes

so cold to me

make mine

weep and dissolve yours

with tears

for I see you

my soul burns


looks for a way to escape

for I can’t forget your name.






2 Responses to “Shut up”

  1. I like it! The emotion is definitely felt but not to an excess where all you can feel is a single emotion.
    It gives me a feeling of freedom, like breaking free of something.
    I’d love it if you checked out my blog, i write a lot of poetry too

    • nadia888 Says:

      Wow, I just checked your blog, it’s amazing! It’s so huge that I didn’t know where to start reading! Your blog is really a piece of work! I’ll keep an eye on it, there’s so much that I really don’t know what to click!

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