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Inspiration March 28, 2009

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I’m sleepy…last night I read City of Glass until 4, but I had to know how it ended! I have to say that I’m usually disappointed by the last book of a series, for perhaps the first time I am not. So if you like the fantasy genre I suggest you The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, it is very well written and the story is amazing, especially the last book which is perfect.

Of course when I closed the book I didn’t sleep and my brain began to buzz as usual, what kept me awake this time was Inspiration, its meaning and behavior. Have you ever thought a plot, a story for a book and then decided not to write it? I have, more than once. What surprised me is that I saw that someone else, after a couple of years, had published the story I was thinking about and abandoned (of course not exaclty, just the basic idea). So now I’m wondering, inspiration strikes at the weirdest times and I often don’t remember what I was doing or what exaclty inspired me when a story comes to my head. Are the stories already there waiting for being discovered? So that if you abandoned them, they’ll look for someone else who will tell them to the world? I’ve always felt that planning a plot is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle, but what if it is like baring the puzzle piece by piece?

As usual I’m not sure this makes sense, just another errant sleepy thought.


3 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. hwalk Says:

    For me, I feel like I’m logically constructing ideas and plots more than they just hit me sometimes. I have a lot of ideas just come to me, sometimes, and other times I sit down and write and outline and sort of build up ideas.

    But there are always more ideas out there–so even if we don’t write some down, more will come to us later. It’s sort of cool.

  2. TheLunarFox Says:

    Now that is an interesting though!

    I almost half-way believe (this will sound crazy so crazy warning inserted here) that when someone writes a story they are tapping into another world where this story exists.

    It’s just a silly thought I’ve had off hand plenty of times. Haven’t you sometimes started writing about something, and it seemed to write itself? And then you come back and look at it and you barely remember writing it.

    Some writers say that their characters talk to them. Some see a movie played out in their minds which they write down. Some people see their story in their dreams.

    I’m pretty sure this thought came to me late at night as well.

  3. AHHH! A fellow Mortal Instruments fan!

    I stayed up until three or four to finish it too. And I felt so accomplished because I FIGURED OUT THE PLOT TWIST. Well, mostly, anyway.

    Jace is amazing. I didn’t like him in the first book – I was a very firm Simon/Clary shipper – but now I am very much a Jace fan. 😀

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