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Night Writing April 10, 2009

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Do you write in the deep of the night? I do. And in the morning I forgot I wrote something. So I usually happen to stumble across things I wrote and be surprised. Which is funny, because I surprise myself! I always feel like “Did I write this? When?” and then “Ahh, yes, I remember!”

Anyway, this is a little poem I’ve just found in the files of my computer under the name “night”, I wrote it a few nights ago.



I follow the night


In a flood of moonlight

Owls eyes

All around

Unnatural silence

I can’t hear a sound

Intriguing shadows

In the corners of my view

Under my eyes

Purple smiles

Of sleep goodbye

The air is pure

Still I choke

Nothing is real

Still everything feels too close

My hands

White trembling spiders

In the silver light

My feet quivering

I’m swallowing darkness

How much will I hold on

Before I succumb

To my hatred soul

Wrong and right

Right and wrong

I keep wondering

But I will never know


I just had to write this March 30, 2009

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Sudden inspiration. I was on youtube watching random videos and I happened to see a clip of Little Ashes in which Salvador Dalì, brush in hand, is looking at Federico Garcia Lorca writing, there was something in this scene that stroke me, I don’t know what or why but I had to write about it, and even before the clip ended the poem was already in my head. I wrote it first in italian, and then did my best to translate it in english, because I just felt I had to write it in both languages.


I feel him


back and forth

behind me

staring at me


I feel him

his gaze brushing my skin

tracing patterns of fire

looking at me

looking trough me

for my soul

The pencil ready

in the writhing hand

to catch my essence


I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

Since Hwalk asked, I’ll post the original version in italian too:




Lo sento

dietro di me


mentre scrivo

Lo sento

camminare inquieto

alle mie spalle

Lo sento

la mia pelle brucia

dove l’intensità del suo sguardo

la sfiora

l’ attraversa

in cerca della mia anima

La matita pronta

nella mano fremente

per cogliere la mia essenza







Shut up March 27, 2009

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I was digging in my computer files yesterday and among old stuff I wrote last year I found another little thing in english, it’s a poem…let’s just say that I was in a romeo&juliet time, that explains the various “dost” and “thee”. Hihi. I’m not used to show what I write so I’m still nervous and keep thinking that someone will ask “what are you doing here? the exit is that way!”. Anyway, I’m bubbling, so here it is:



Shut up

cruel heart

leave me alone

why dost thee make my soul

cry, your lead presence

makes me die

I beg you

oppressing thought

free my mind

for I suffer

I let myself suffer

I let myself feel

the hope I don’t deserve

I knew

where I was walking towards

and now

my heart’s screaming in pain

I wish I were deaf

I loath

how did I let this happen?

I knew, I knew, I knew

when I first felt

my heart sinking

I knew

I could have fought more

and more

and more

but I surrender

to such a tender thing

Tyrranous love

take thy dagger

and stop my agony

because your dark eyes

so cold to me

make mine

weep and dissolve yours

with tears

for I see you

my soul burns


looks for a way to escape

for I can’t forget your name.